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Do not Buy Nick O’Connor’s Rapid Reflux Relief Book until you Read my Rapid Reflux Relief Guide Review! Is Rapid Reflux Relief PDF Worth Reading or Scam?

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Are you one of those people who suffer from serious heartburn after eating a meal? Well, this is a question that almost everybody can relate to because they have experienced heartburn at some point in their lives. The experience is traumatizing and may even make you afraid to eat. It is not something that you would want to experience, especially after every meal. Well heartburn is a burning sensation usually felt in the chest area due to a form of indigestion after having a meal. What most people don’t know is that heartburn is actually an after-effect of acid regurgitation into the esophagus. This condition is commonly also referred to as hyperacidity or dyspepsia and the person experiencing it can be said to be suffering from acid reflux.

There are a lot of different solutions offered out there on how to cure this condition for good. Some of the solutions offered are quite costly while some don’t work. This can be very frustrating to those suffering from this condition.

It is for this reason that today I chose to review the Rapid Reflux Relief program to establish if it works. It is important to note that I am in no way affiliated with the company and I`m neither trying to criticize it. My opinion is solely based on my experience with the Rapid Reflux Relief guide. But before we dive into discussing this guide, we first need to understand how acid reflux occurs.

So How Does Acid Reflux Occur?

The human body contains a ring of muscle at the entrance of the stomach. This muscle usually opens when we eat but closes soon after food passes through it. If this muscle doesn’t close all the way after food passes through it or for some reason opens up too often, then the acid generated by the stomach to aid in the digestion of food can move up into the esophagus. This usually causes what we commonly refer to as heartburn. When this happens too often, say more than twice a week, then you are said to be suffering from acid reflux disease. The next logical question then should be what causes acid reflux disease. Let us discuss that below.

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Understanding Acid Reflux Disease

Gastroesophageal disease, what we commonly refer to here as acid reflux disease or GERD is a disease that is not age specific. This basically means that it can affect different people regardless of their age bracket. As previously explained, it occurs when acid passes through a valve at the stomach opening, usually referred to as LES or Lower esophageal sphincter muscle. This muscle is usually tasked with the responsibility of keeping acid in the stomach and away from the throat. When this doesn’t happen, common symptoms such as heartburn, chest pain, sour taste in the mouth, indigestion and regurgitation are experienced by the person. The severity of these symptoms varies from person to person as some may only experience mild discomfort while others experience excruciating pain.

One cannot, however, point out the exact cause of this condition. It is known to be brought about by different factors including pregnancy, obesity, smoking, lack of exercise and high salt intake. One common cause, however, is a hiatal hernia.

What is Hiatal Hernia?

This is when the Lower esophageal Sphincter (LES), and the upper part of the stomach move above the diaphragm. The diaphragm is the muscle responsible for separating your stomach from your chest. Usually, this muscle aids in restricting acid to our stomachs but when suffering from a hiatal hernia, the acid is capable of moving up to the esophagus. This makes you experience the symptoms of acid reflux disease that we discussed earlier. Now that we understand this, let us look at the Rapid Reflux Relief guide and what it does to aid in curing the acid reflux disease.

About Rapid Reflux Relief

This is an e-book written by Nick O`Connor that explains in detail facts about acid reflux disease and how to permanently get rid of it with simple and natural ways in just 7 days. The information in this step by step guide is said to start offering some relief from the first day of its implementation.


So How Does Rapid Reflux Relief Work?

This guide reveals five different chemicals and nutrients necessary to relieve you from acid reflux disease. Most of these nutrients are natural and available in specific fruits, vegetables, teas and oils that can easily and cheaply be included in your diet. The science behind it is in how they are combined. When these chemicals are combined in a specific combination, they are known to work against acid reflux disease by destroying the H-Pylori bacteria in the body and can, therefore, aid a person suffering from the disease.

These techniques are also known to destroy cancers of the stomach, intestinal, esophageal and prostate among other types of cancers. All this can be achieved without prescription drugs, painful procedures and even those annoying and frustrating doctor`s visits.

These techniques are said to have worked for more than 110,000 people who can comfortably agree to have kicked rapid reflux disease from their lives.

Let us digress a little and discuss H-Pylori and how it is related to acid reflux.

Understanding H-Pylori

Research has it that about two-thirds of the world`s population have the H-Pylori bacteria in their digestive tracts. This bacteria is known to cause ulcers in the small intestines and stomach. What`s more, it is known to have been the lead cause of cancer among some patients.

Research also shows that the H-Pylori bacteria can lead to GERD, a disease that occurs when acid passes through the valve opening of the stomach. Although no direct connection has been established between H-Pylori and acid reflux disease, it is known to be notorious for a lot of the unwanted side effects.

A good example of what to expect in this guide is Sulforaphane. This is a compound that is richly found in cauliflower, cabbages, and broccoli. It is well known to increase the rate at which cancer cells die and is said to aid in the prevention of prostate cancer. Now, this is a good thing. It is information that could help you avoid a life-threatening disease without necessarily having to ingest a tank full of medication. What`s more, these vegetables can easily be included in your diet as they are cheap and readily available.

How Much Does Rapid Reflux Relief Cost?

Rapid reflux relief retails at a cost of only $39. You can also get it discounted to about $27 depending on where you are purchasing it from. Now, considering the amount of information that is offered in this e-book and the cost of treatment of acid reflux disease from your local physician, this cost is negligible. Remember the information you get from the e-book works for life, you will not find yourself making countless trips back to your doctor because the previous treatment was based on trial and error due to the myriad causes of acid reflux and for that particular reason failed to work. It would, however, make more sense to work on your acid reflux on a daily basis by following the instructions in the guide on what foods to eat and how to combine them. I see it as a more natural and efficient way of solving this problem.

The beauty of it is that the Rapid Reflux Relief guide comes with a 60-day refund policy. This goes to show you how confident Nick is on the information in this guide. Remember he promises treatment of acid reflux disease in just 7 days. By day 60 you should know whether the information in the guide works or not.

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Can You Cure Acid Reflux Outside Rapid Reflux Relief?

Well, your guess is as good as mine. There are a lot of different treatments offered as a cure to acid reflux out there, to know what works for you and what doesn’t is another ball game altogether. Most of the treatment offered involves money and a lot of ingesting of medication. One can`t be too sure until they try.

Antacids obtained over the counter are usually the first and most common medication offered when one complaints of acid reflux. A lot of these antacids are not very effective and while they may rid you of the side effects, your problem still persists and is bound to recur again in future.

A trip to your doctor reveals that when most of the over the counter medication doesn’t work, they opt to prescribe proton pump inhibitors. These are known to limit the amount of acid your stomach produces. Now, I don’t know about you but I`m not a fan of popping medication every now and then plus I don’t think I would be comfortable altering my normal body functions to achieve something that I can do in a natural and safe way. It is important to consider natural ways of curing your acid reflux before your physician turns you into a junkie.

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