Box Of Challenge Review

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Box Of Challenge Review

There is a famous proverb that “ An Idle Brain is Devil’s Workshop.” It means that it is essential not to keep your brain idle when you are not working or have nothing to do. It also suggests that you need to utilize your leisure hours to engage your intellect and make it sharper.

When you are not working or have ample time at hand, you can make the time much more interesting and exciting by taking part in brainteasers. Different people have different hobbies that include painting, reading, gardening, traveling, photography, etc. But the best way to make use of idle time, improve your mental faculties, and keep your brain sharp is opting for riddles and puzzles. Box Of Challenge is one of the breakthroughs that has been created to enhance your creativity which will further boost your thinking abilities and academic performance. Read the review to know more about it.

What is Box Of Challenge?

Box of Challenge is an adventure and fun loaded with amazing challenges and brainteasers that can be subscribed on a monthly basis to be delivered at your doorstep. Aimed to enhance cognitive powers and creativity in kids and elderly, the magical box is a fantastic revolutionary product in the segment of entertainment and fun.

What does Box Of Challenge Contain?

Box of Challenge contains a series of challenges, riddles, brainteasers, puzzlers, instructions and stacks that are designed for entertainment and give an adrenaline rush to anyone aging in between 8 to 88 years.

Each of the boxes is based on a theme and encompasses a wide range of subjects to present you an ultimate challenge to solve them. The boxes offer an unparalleled education of working together, adventure, communication and discovering innovative things. You can play as a team comprising of 2-6 players.

Box Of Challenge Reviews

What are some of the popular monthly adventures offered by Box of Challenge?

  • Crazy Circus

  • Super Geometry

  • The Riddler

  • UFOs

  • A-team Box

  • Samurai Box

How does Box of Challenge work?

Each box is created for a challenge that lasts for 1 hour. There are 4 and five challenges that a participant team requires to be tackled. You can win attractive prizes and rewards too by holding a new record or have broken an existing one written on the instruction paper provided inside the box.

How to subscribe to Box Of Challenge?

Your first box will be dispatched within seven business days as soon as place your order. When you renew it, the product will be dispatched on the 10th or the 25th of the month taking into consideration your actual subscription date.

Box of Challenge review


  • Revolves around fun-based themes

  • Free shipping

  • Quick Delivery of all orders

  • Gift packages of 1,3 or 12 months and decreased subscription if you opt for advance payment for the full 12 months

  • Fresh puzzles and riddles in every monthly subscription box


  • You need to play as a team. There is no scope for individuals.

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Final Verdict:

Box of Challenge is the best substitute to latest movie, toy or video game. It guarantees unlimited fun and adventure for all players. If you are fond of brain games, then I would suggest you to sign-up right now. Unleash the true potential of your kids and let them grow.

Even if you find your child to have become addicted to mobile phones, video games, and online chats, this is the best way to keep him/her occupied and forgot all of them. It is built as a race against the clock with 60 minutes to complete the brainteasers; it can be described as the best adrenaline rush for everyone in between 8 to 88 years.

So subscribe now and have an awesome amount of excitement and fun.

Box of Challenge

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