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scent trunk reviews

If you are fond of fragrances and perfumes, then you can try out the Scent Trunk. It is the advancement of the technologies that has eased our lives with great pleasure. So why not upgrading fashion and luxury.

Perfume is a very personal part of the life, and it is quite obvious to have different choices of every individual. But the market has a very few options for availability of fragrances, which are all quite same. So, we get no scopes to opt for any more option. But it is time to get rid of that old mindset, and takes the benefits of the advancement of the internet. Get me five minutes, and let me tell you why you are also going to love Scent Trunk, just like many others.

About Scent Trunk:

Scent Trunk is an online shopping site where you can get the opportunity to customize your own shade of fragrance. It is the combined effort of the two friends, who have developed the facility after college with the intention to introduce a completely different idea in perfume purchasing.

The organization prioritizes your choices and lets you have the best product as per your taste. In a word, you get a royal treatment from them, and that too at an affordable price.

How Does The Scent Trunk Operate?

That’s the most attractive part of their services. Once you opt for their services, you will receive a small scent test kit with six different fragrances. After you receive it, you can get to the Scent Test conducted by them and rate the perfumes as per your preferences.

Now ask your friends to tell rates the fragrances too. And after collecting the entire data, the company will start formulating the best scent for you, that suits you the best. The company will then get you a 30 days pack for you shipped to your address.

scent trunk free trial

What Are The Fragrances That The Scent Test Kit Contain?

There are six in total fragrances sent by the company for the testing purposes, which are:

  • Citrus: contains lemon, bergamot, and grapefruit
  • Woods: contains sandalwood, cedarwood, and pines
  • Aromatic: include lavender, almond, and rosemary
  • Floral: contains Lilly, jasmine, and gardenia
  • Amber: contains vanilla, incense, and musks
  • Chypre: comprises fruits, moss, and patchouli.

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What Are The Benefits Of Purchasing From Scent Trunk?

  • Excellent Quality: The quality of all products, including the test kit, is of the highest quality. All these products are tested and certified as the best by the greatest reputed facilities. In terms of quality, you don’t have to worry a thing.
  • Affordable Prices: All the prices are affordable in comparison to the services and quality offered by the company. They present you a state of the art facility at a fantastic rate to get you the maximum benefits of their services.
  • Advanced Research and Development: The company’s research and development center has been well equipped with the latest technologies for the betterment of the products. The best technicians have been allocated for the duty of benefiting you with exactly what you want and deserve.
  • Supportive Customer Services: The customer service department of the Scent Trunk is very satisfying and helpful. You will get their excellent support anytime you wish for. Just contact them through emails and they will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Free Shipping: Yes, it is true that there are no extra shipping costs. To be true, you will not find any extra hidden cost on the website. Yet if you find any, just get to the supportive team, and they will get you an immediate solution.
  • Easy Exchange: If you don’t like the product that the organization sends you, just let the authority know, and they will do their best to exchange the order for a fresh one.

Is There Any Drawback Of The Scent Trunk?

  • The organization delivers only in US and UK at the present time.
  • There is no money back guarantee.

Final Verdict:

To conclude, Scent Trunk is a highly recommended shopping site with an excellent knowledge of perfumes and fragrances. Avail their services as soon as possible, and treat yourself with a royal attitude. So hurry up.

Remember, if you miss it today, you might have to regret tomorrow.

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